Woodworking Projects You Can Actually Sell

wooden bird house projectIf you’re into woodworking, you love building with your hands and creating new, exciting projects. However, there’s no reason you can’t actually make a little cash. The following projects sell like hotcakes and should help you pay for your more personal woodworking projects.

  • Signs – Simple signs, especially those with wood-burnt lettering, are always popular. An average sign should take no more than half an hour to make and can sell for as much as $10-$20.
  • Storage Boxes – Boxes are always popular, especially if you spend a little time to add handles, latches, and decorative touches. Invest in higher priced cedar to create chests worth $50-$100 a pop.
  • Bird Houses – Although bird houses are often highly associated with shop class, they always sell well. Try to create unique bird houses that stand out from the crowd. Worth? About $15-$25.
  • Canes and Walking Sticks – Canes and walking sticks are among the easiest woodworking projects: just lathe a 4×4 for about half an hour to create the basic shape. Add decorative touches to make it stand out. Sell canes for about $20-$35.

Building your woodworking projects is just the first step. Now, you have to sell them. This part of the process is baffling, unless you follow these basic selling tips:

  • Never sell anything for more than $100. People are generally going to max out at about $50-$100 on these kinds of projects.
  • Don’t be afraid to advertise. For a small classified ad fee, you can get your name and projects in the community.
  • Be willing to take suggestions. If people are asking for a specific project, there’s obviously a market for it.
  • Choose a niche. Focusing on a very specific kind of project, such as birdhouses, can streamline your business and create a brand name for your product.

Follow these steps and your woodworking projects will be in high demand. Especially if you spend time hand crafting each project to perfect.