Wooden bookshelfIn the past, we’ve talked about woodworking projects that you can make for easy cash. We’re going to touch on a similar topic again this week, but we’re going to include links to real woodworking plans for bankable woodworking projects.

Aquarium Stand

Investing in a fish aquarium is a costly deal, so why not eliminate some of that excessive cost by building your own aquarium stand? Creating an aquarium stand is relatively simple: you’ll need several pieces of 2×4, 2×2, 1×2 and 1×6 pieces of wood. You’ll also need some 3/4 inch thick plywood.

The process for this plan requires building a small cabinet with a simple sliding door. Under here, you can store your fish food and other important ingredients. Charge about $70-100 for this particular project.

Check out the aquarium stand woodworking plan here.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Items for this particular project include furring strips, hose clams, win bottles, table saws, wood glue, a hammer, and some nails. The basic process is very simple: you’ll use the furring strips to create a small rectangular home for the wine bottle.

Then, you’ll fill the wine bottle with bird feed, fit it into the groove and leave about an inch between the neck of the bottle and the feeding bed. Gravity will pull out as much seed as it can. Once the bottle is empty, it can be easily removed and re-filled. Charge about $20-30 for this cute item.

Check out this fun woodworking plan here.

Book Shelves

People too often spend good money investing in cheap pre-fab DIY bookshelves that fall apart after a few years and just can’t be moved. Fill their need for book shelves by building them yourself.

Book shelves are easy to make and require very little material investment. They are also highly popular: any woodworker selling book shelves is going to bring in some good money. Compete directly with the pre-fabs by charging $20-40.

Download this bookcase woodworking plan here.

Try out these woodworking plans and stay tuned for future woodworking plan updates.