Woodworking Plans for Kids

Hey, what’s better than getting kids interested in creative and cognitive projects and hobbies like woodworking?

Woodworking can be a great discipline builder for kids and it can teach them a lot of different technical things as well. Measuring, planning, drawing, using tools, paying attention to safety precautions – it’s all there for the learning.

If you want to introduce your kids to woodworking, first and foremost pay special attention to safety.

Once you’ve created a safe working environment, and your kids understand the necessary precautions regarding the tools they will be using, get them started with a project! Check out these books for more resources regarding woodworking ideas and woodworking plans for kids.

Woodshop for Kids Book Cover

Woodshop for Kids
by Jack Wiley

All New Woodworking for Kids Book Cover

All-New Woodworking for Kids
by Kevin McGuire

Weekend Woodworking Book Cover

Weekend Woodworking – 150 Easy Projects
by John and Joyce Nelson

Woodworking Kids Craft Series Book Cover

Woodworking (Kids Craft Series)
by John Kelsey

With kids, the best thing is to keep the projects simple. Don’t overwhelm them with big projects, or complicated building tasks. Focus on things like birdhouses and basic furniture and shelving. All three of those examples are things that they can use themselves, which will show them added value to woodworking as a hobby.

When making plans for the project, include your kid on the planning process. Ask them how they want to build the project and what ideas they have. They will think it’s pretty neat that they can have some major input in regards to how the project will be built.

Even if they have wacky ideas, it might be fun to incorporate them into the project. Kids do have crazy imaginations and will probably come up with weird features for furniture if you give them the opportunity, for example.

image source: Bob and Renee