Woodworking: A Form of Therapy

Many people who do not divulge themselves into the art of woodworking think that it is just a job performed to make furniture, frames, statues, etc. Like many other forms of art, these people do not understand the time and patience that comes with this hobby; that it can be used to clear the mind and work the body.  Woodworking is a form of therapy, both mentally and physically.

For relaxation, some people read, write, or run.  Why would woodworking be any different? There’s so many precise patterns that need to be carved when doing an intricate piece that it would take full concentration.  This concentration allows for other thoughts and worries to release itself from the worker’s mind. Think of a painter in the middle of their project.  There is no other thought process than getting to the last stroke of the brush and facing the creation that they have made.  This is the same with woodworkers.  They have the feeling of accomplishment after a table has been carved into. This feeling releases endorphins making the worker genuinely happy.

Another type of therapy is physical therapy.  After having surgery on one’s hands, shoulders, or arms, a form of therapy is needed once the body has started healing itself.  Along with stretches and exercises, using the muscles in a way such as woodworking can help strengthen the once weak members.

Not only is woodworking a hobby, it is a way to unwind, reset the mind, and calmly workout the body. It is a way to use creativity and feel proud in the end. Next time you are starting to feel a wave of stress, use woodworking as a way to relieve it.