Why Woodworking Is Good For Your Mental Health

Carpenter using chiselIf you’re a wood worker, you know how enjoyable it is to plan, start, and finish a project. However, you may not have realized that you were actually helping to improve your mental health. Multiple studies have confirmed what carpenters and wood workers have known for years: woodworking is good for your mental health.

Essentially, wood working helps fend of negative emotions and depression by allowing you to create unique and personal pieces of art. “Art therapy” of this type has become incredibly popular over the years as an alternative and holistic method of treating depression symptoms.

And woodworking is one of the most effective (yet unrecognized) form of art therapy in the world. Just think about the extensive work that goes into each piece of art you make. You are not only creating something new from scratch: you are performing every step. So you must plan it, measure it properly, cut out your pieces, fit them together, sand, stain, and even paint your art.

Woodworking basically combines the mental strategies required for drawing, the hands-on nature of sculpture, and the creative color work of painting. It engages multiple aspects of your brain and challenges you to think outside the box and push yourself into new areas of thinking.

As a result, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a project. And that accomplishment will help push away negative feelings and emotions. That’s what art therapy is all about: creating a new sense of positivity in your life.