Every tool that utilizes the purposes of a sharp edge will need to be sharpened, it’s just a fact of life. Saw blades, knives, chain saws and so on, they all will become dull and lose effectiveness over time.

Therefore, if you have tools, you will need to learn how to sharpen them, and sharpen them well. Each tool will have it’s own cycle in regards to becoming dull from use. How much you use it, the type of material that is being cut and the conditions under which the tool is used will determine how often you need to sharpen your particular tools.

Some people like to sharpen tools, and find it enjoyable. Others find it to be a chore. Which are you?

Regardless of which type you are, you will will always wonder, “how sharp should I make this thing?”

You should be able to go by a single, simple rule when it comes to sharpening. Sharpen your tools only the point where they make your job efficient. If it cuts like it’s sharp, it’s sharp enough, and you probably don’t need to tackle the job of sharpening this tool just yet.

Wait until your tools feel dull, and then sharpen them. Don’t sharpen them just because you need something to do. You might cause excessive wear on your tools and wear them down to the point that they need to be replaced more often.

Of course if you really do just like sharpening your tools, you might just not be able to resist sharpening all the time. There’s nothing wrong with being a sharpening fanatic, they are your tools after all.

image source: Let Ideas Compete