Woodworker taking measurementsWell, 2015 is almost over and all the best woodworking shows have already come and gone. Hopefully you made it to quite a few this year: I got to as many as I could myself! There’s just something so awesome about meeting up with fellow woodworkers, sharing your ideas, and selling some of your best projects.

However, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead and I know I’m already looking forward to the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016. Although it won’t be up until August 24-27, that gives you plenty of time to prepare.

What happens at the International Woodworking Fair (or IWF)? Every year, the IWF offers attendees a variety of different options, including project exhibitions, educational programs, and the chance to meet some of the finest international woodworkers in the world.

The educational aspect is probably my favorite and this year should prove to be no different: every year, the IWF hosts eight-hour teaching programs that focus on a variety of woodworking concepts. This year, you’ll have the chance to learn about:

  • Wood finishing
  • Closets (and their profit potential)
  • Veneering
  • Woodworking invention (always a great topic!)
  • New ideas surrounding decorative surfacing

So, if you’re interested in attending the IWF, you need to request attendance sooner, rather than later. Tickets sell out fast to this particular event, so it’s best to jump on the boat and get signed up as soon as possible.

And once you’ve signed up, make sure to get started building some cool woodworking projects. Bring them along to the fair, get set up with an exhibitor booth, and get ready to make some real money!