workshop tools planerThe world of woodworking requires a wide assortment of hand and power tools, some of which have very specific or very general use. Every amateur woodworker owns a power saw and a drill. However, there are some useful power tools that seem to get ignored year after year.

The following three are some of the useful woodworking power tools that you should have in your garage or shop.

Multipurpose Rotary Tools

Multipurpose tools often get a bad rep: many professionals will foo foo them as little more than gimmicks for gullible amateurs. The multipurpose rotary tool is definitely an exception. These hand-held devices can be used as a saw, a sander, a scraper, and even a grout remover.

Sure, they may not have the raw power of your more specialized tools. But, when you need an on-the-go tool for a few simple jobs, these little guys just can’t be beat.


Smoothing the surface of wood is often one of the most annoying parts of any woodworking job. Even with a hand power sander, it can take way too long to get your wood free of chips and splinters.

However, a planer can smooth your wood down in a few seconds and give your projects a beautiful luster. Planers are also useful for taking a “little off the top” of boards that may be too thick.

Dust Collectors

Once you’re done with your project, you’re often left with a dusty work area that can be hard to clean. That’s why you need to invest in some form of dust collector. While many woodworkers just stick with heavy-duty power dry vacs, some actually use air filters, which grab dust out of the air as its being made.