Woodworking Plans and ToolsOnce you have a general understanding of woodworking, a desire to create, and a few basic woodworking tools in your possession, it is time to improve your woodworking skill set by carefully selecting a simple project. There is now a plethora of great woodworking plans available online. Many of them are free, some are not, and others are sent to you in exchange for your email address or other contact information that a website operator can then use for marketing purposes.

Regardless of the price of your woodworking plans, here are some basic things to consider when choosing your first project:

  1. Keep your project small. If you are just beginning your adventure in learning carpentry, every part of your first few projects will take longer than you expect. If you have a seasoned craftsman working by your side, chances are you will learn quicker, since you will be able to ask questions and learn from his guidance.
  2. Keep your project simple. Although your wife may love the idea of you creating her an ornate handmade wooden rocking chair, consider that her chair may rock more smoothly once you have first perfected your craft by making a simple bird house, sandbox, or picture frame.
  3. Keep your expectations low. By doing so, you will never be disappointed. As your skill in woodworking improves, and it will improve rapidly, you will soon be able to move on to bigger and better projects with which you can impress your friends and neighbors. Like any skill, woodworking is an art that takes time to develop. Give yourself time, plenty of practice, and lots of grace as you continue on your woodworking adventure.