Bosch has made a name for itself by offering some of the sturdiest and most reliable power tools on the market. The Bosch 18V DDB181-02 (hereafter to be referred to by the simpler “Bosch 18V”) is one of the most reliable and enjoyable to use power drills on the market today.

Bosch DDB181-02 18v Drill Kit

What makes the Bosch 18V such a joy to use? For one, it’s a relatively light drill, weighing in at just over five pounds. That makes it easier to handle during difficult, protracted jobs. It’s also just about a foot long, making it more compact and easier to fit into hard-to-reach areas.

And when you need to work in those compact, difficult areas, the Bosch 18V has a sharp LED light designed to shed a little light on the situation.

The most surprising benefit of this drill is its raw power. You wouldn’t anticipate 350 pounds of torque or a speed of 1,300 RPM for  a drill of this size and weight. This power makes the Bosch 18V perfect for quick drilling jobs, such as quick home repairs, or for more serious woodworking projects.

Other benefits of the Bosch 18V include:

  • Two-speed transmission
  • Driving and drilling settings
  • Motor brake
  • Flexible Power System
  • Electronic Cell Protection

As you can see, the Bosch 18V drill is a light-weight and powerful drill that is adaptable to a wide range of working situations. It’s also relatively inexpensive, with some venders offering it for under $120. All these benefits make it a perfect starter drill for the amateur woodworker.

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