wooden table and peopleBeing a wood worker can be a very lonely hobby and profession. However, there are a wide variety of professional wood workers conventions located across the country. These conventions offer you a wide range of benefits.


Wood worker conventions offer a dizzying array of educational classes that are beneficial for both amateur and professional woodworkers. For example, “The Wood Working Shows” convention, which travels around over a dozen cities in America, offers unique seminars by professionals like Marc Adams and Bradley McCallister.

These classes are designed to teach you new techniques you may have never considered for your projects. Generally speaking, these classes are relatively inexpensive: Adams three-hour course and McCallister’s two-hour course cost about $50 per day.

Social Interaction

Finding like-minded wood workers is one of the most fun aspects of attending a wood working convention. You’ll be surrounded by wood working nuts like you, people who love their craft and treat it like the art it has become.

Conventions are the perfect place to meet people with whom you can swap plans, discuss your latest projects, or even expand your business to a whole new sector. For example, the “Wood Working America” convention features a fun “meet and greet” for all attendees.

Expand Your Business

If you’re a professional wood worker, conventions are the perfect place to show off your skills. Most wood working shows offer professionals a place to exhibit and sell their work.

Of course, vendor space will vary depending on availability. Calling in advance is the best way to try to get a table, but be prepared to invest a little money in reserving a spot.

While convention season generally starts in early spring and ends in summer, there’s still time to try to find a convention near you. You’ll be surprised just how many conventions there are every year. Good luck!