DeWalt DW744X table sawAs technologies improve, new ways are being discovered to make construction tools increasingly portable and efficient. One of the most useful of these inventions is the portable table saw. portable table saws have helped to bridge the gap between the portable hand-held saw and the powerful, full-sized table saw. If you have considered purchasing a portable table saw but have yet to do so, here are a few of the many benefits a portable table saw can provide.

Size and Portability

A portable table saw allows you to do your work on site rather than in a garage/shop far away. When building a fence on your property, you could do the prep and assembly on location making the job quicker and easier. Not only is this tool good for portable applications, but it is also a great resource for those who are trying to do big projects in a small location. If your garage is not large enough to store a full-sized table saw, a smaller, portable table saw could be the perfect option for you.


For many individuals who do woodworking projects on the side as a hobby, purchasing a full-sized table saw may not be a realistic option. The fact is that a quality table saw can cost you several thousand dollars. On the other hand, you  could purchase a good portable table saw for around $200, though prices range lower and higher depending on the quality of the saw. This often makes portable table saws the much more affordable option.


Previously, the best option for an on the go saw was a circular saw. While this makes a handy portable option, if precision and speed is what you are looking for, a circular saw is no match to a table saw. This is where a portable table saw can be beneficial as it provides the power of the table saw with the portability of a circular saw.

For the woodworker who is looking for a powerful, portable, inexpensive saw that will meet their needs, the portable table saw makes a great option. Bridging the gap between the circular saw and the full-sized table saw, the portable table saw is the perfect tool for any project.