Your Table Saw Isn’t Complete Without a Feed Table

Rockwell JawStand RK9033 4Woodworkers know that one of the most used saws in their bevy of tools is their table saw. While this particular type of saw can help you create some incredible projects, it also has the potential to do the most damage. You can prevent dangerous accidents from occurring in your shop by knowing exactly how your equipment should be operated, and by following safe working practices every time you use your equipment.

Don’t Underestimate Feed Table Usefulness

While many novice woodworkers are intent on purchasing the best saw their budget will allow, they often overlook another key piece that should be part of any shop. A feed table is simply a raised surface that can catch and hold your material after it passes through your saw. Without a feed table, you are likely to reach across your saw to catch your ripped wood, leaving your sleeve and appendages vulnerable to the whirling blade.

Feed tables may be purchased from any number of online retailers, or you may choose to build your own. Even the smallest of work areas should contain a feed table, so if the lack of space presents a problem, you may wish to build your own collapsible feed table, which can be taken down and stored when the saw is not in use.

As you can imagine, fingers, sleeves, and appendages do not mix well with a table saw while it is in operation. Employing sound working techniques in your shop can keep you physically safe and help you accomplish your tasks  more precisely, resulting in neater finished pieces, and a more enjoyable experience.

Buying a Feed Table or Feed Roller

If you don’t feel like making a feed table for your saw and just want to buy something that will work well there are some good options out there. Here are a few different types of tables and rollers to give you some ideas.

The Bosch TS1002 Rear Outfeed Support

Bosch TS1002 Table Saw Rear Outfeed Support Extension 2This extension is made specifically for Bosch table saws like the Bosch 4100-09 portable table saw that we reviewed. This outfeed support attaches directly to the saw and is small and lightweight. It is made by Bosch. If you own a Bosch 4100 table saw take a look at this as it is cheap and functional.

Check pricing and read reviews.

The HTC HRT-10 Roller Table Stand

HTC HRT-10 Super duty Adjustable Roller Table Stand 2This is a table stand made with rollers for low-resistance feeding of any materials across the surface. It is adjustable in height and will work in many shop situations as a feed table. People who use these generally like them, with most complaints being about the quality of the rollers, if anything.

Check pricing and read reviews.

The Steel City Portable Multi Stand

Steel City Tool WorksHeavy Duty Portable Multi-StandThis table is adjustable and portable and has both a flat surface and rollers, making it flexible in how it can be used. The price is right as well for a stand this large. People who use it say its heavy and stable, and that is a good thing. It is portable, but consider the size of this table before deciding if it is right for your situation.

Check pricing and read reviews.

The Rockwell Jaw Stand

Rockwell JawStand RK9033 2This stand is unique in that it is made to clamp onto other things to create makeshift stands for many situations. It could easily be used to create a feed stand by clamping some pieces of wood into to use as table supports, plus it will be useful for much more around the house and shop as it is very flexible in how it can clamp, hold and support pretty much anything heavy and awkward.

Check pricing and read reviews.

The HTC HOR-1038 Outfeed Roller Support Table

HTC HOR-1038 Outfeed Roller Support Table 2This stand is heavy duty and designed to attach to fixed-in-place table saws. This is probably worth looking at if you have a stationary table saw in a shop that needs a roller outfeed table. It also folds down so it can be out of the way when not in use.

Check pricing and read reviews.

The Rockler Ball Bearing Stand

Rockler Ball Bearing StandThis stand is simple, small and probably the most compact options we’ve listed here for a stand-alone outfeed support. It’s not a table, it is simply a stand with ball bearing rollers on the top of its support bar. The design is simple and people who buy these find them to be very useful and good value.

Check pricing and read reviews.