Makita BHP452HW in useMakita tools make a wide variety of high-quality drills, chief among them the Makita BHP452HW. This power drill is a tough and adaptable drill that offers its users a wide range of benefits.

But, what sets it apart from its competition? Why should you buy the Makita BHP452HW instead of any number of drills? Read on to learn a bit more about its unique advantages.

High Power

The Makita BHP452HW has a powerful motor that creates up to 450 inches/square pounds of torque. It generates this power off a Marita-designed and built motor that creates up to 400 RPM in low speed and up to 1,500 in high speed.

Relatively Small Size

While many other drills offer similar power, few are as small as the BHP452HW. It’s designed to be compact and is only about 8 3/4 inches long. This small size helps avoid hand and wrist fatigue during operation.

Adaptable Uses

While many drills focus on just one or two different adaptations, the BHP452HW is designed for at least three. Its adaptations include basic drilling, a percussive hammer, and a driver-drill.

This makes it useful for a wide-range of purposes, such as drilling into masonry, driving in nails, and even eliminating hard-to-remove exterior siding tiles.

Long-Lasting Batteries

Few drill buyers take into account battery life before they purchase. However, there’s nothing more annoying that running out of juice just before finishing a project.

Thankfully, that’s not likely to be a problem with the Makita BHP542HW. Its 18-volt battery not only weighs 40% less than other drill batteries, its self-discharge rate is five times lower.

In conclusion, the Makita BHP452HW is a powerful and adaptable drill that is perfect for amateur and professional woodworkers alike. While it’s not an entirely unique drill, it’s definitely worth the investment if you find one.

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