woodworking in actionEveryone knows that accidents happen in the work place. Wood working can be dangerous if safety measures are not followed. It does not stop at equipment, but clothing is a very big safety hazard. Other types of clothing can even add to the safety when doing a wood working project.

Protect the Eyes

With the type of work that is being done, the eyes are at high risk of serious injury. It is requested and at times mandatory that goggles or safety glasses are worn during work. The safety glasses that have shields on the side may also be mandatory. In order to get the most protection for the eyes, wear a full face shield.

Protect the Ears

There is a lot of equipment that causes loud continuous noise. When subjecting a person to long continuous noise on a consistent basis, it can harm the ears. It is suggested and some times mandatory to wear ear muffs. Some places and individuals prefer ear plugs. When equipment is running, it is a good idea to wear them. If ear plugs are the choice of protection for the ears, make sure to place a clean pair inside the ears. If a pair of ear plugs are not disinfected or replaced then the individual is subject to ear infections.

Protect the Body

Some individuals do not think about the clothes that they are actually wearing when performing projects. Woods working is dangerous if the wrong clothing is worn. If the individual is wearing long sleeves, then they will need to be rolled up past their elbows. If a short sleeved shirt is possible, then that would be the best choice as far as a shirt is concerned. An individual should never wear loose fitting clothing. If a person has long hair, then it will need to be placed under a secured hat or tied back so that it does not fall into their face or get caught in equipment.

Wearing Accessories

Men and women both wear accessories. Wedding rings, watches, necklaces and other jewelry are dangerous when wood working. They will catch on equipment and injury the worker. They should be taken off before work is started and put back on once clean up after the project is done. There should never be any acceptations. Wedding rings have been a cause of lost fingers. Ties are also black listed for wearing in wood working shops.

Protect the Feet

In a shop there are spills and dust that collect on the floor. Slipping and falling may harm an individual. If they slip and fall into equipment like a saw can be deadly. Shoes are a very big part of shop safety. Purchasing slip resistant shoes are extremely important. They can be found at a modest price in department stores, shoe stores, and even from restaurants.

Although an individual may be working on a quick small project, the equipment is still unsafe. No matter how long the project will take, safety measures should be followed at all times. The term “better safe than sorry” applies to this situation in all aspects.