The Ridgid R4510 portable table saw is a heavy duty addition to the lineup of portable table saw models that we have taken a look at. The overall ability level and quality of this saw is outstanding, and it includes a folding, rolling stand that makes it ultra portable.

Ridgid R4510 Heavy Duty Portable Table SawThis is one of the more expensive portable table saws that we have reviewed, but it is also arguably the highest quality saw of the bunch. This is very comparable in quality and price to the Bosch 4100-09 that we looked at, if you would like to see another similar comparison. Continue reading to learn more about the details of this saw and why it’s a top pick.

Out of the Box

Right out of the box this saw is very easy to assemble. We were up and running in less than 15 minutes, and that was with taking a studious and patient approach. Very few things needed to be fine tuned, it was ready to roll very quickly. This is quite refreshing compared to some low end saws that we have seen.

Power & Motor

This is a 15 amp motor that has a no-load rpm of 4,400. The Ridgid R4510 portable table saw is quite powerful and paired with a quality blade (the stock blade is pretty good) this thing is fully capable of taking on any cutting challenge.

The soft start motor gives it a smooth starting motion, and eliminates the stress that table saws without this technology can experience over time.

Cutting Capabilities

This is a 10″ saw that has cutting capabilities of 25 inches right of the blade and 12 inches left of the blade. That is a large amount of cutting area for a portable table saw, no doubt about that. The blade can cut 2 1/4″ deep at 45 degrees and 3 1/8″ deep at 90 degrees. The blade can also be adjusted quickly by using the single handle bevel/height adjustment. This is one of the small things about this saw that really makes it stand out from some other similar saws.

Wood and other materials glide across the cutting table, and everything has a very accurate feel. The rip fence glides smoothly on its rails and can be fine tuned and clamped easily. The miter is equally as smooth and accurate as the fence. In fact we have no complaints about the fence and miter whatsoever. They feel great.

Safety Features

This saw has the usual lineup of safety features that you see on portable table saws. A riving knife is standard on all saws of course. And then there is a blade guard and anti kickback pawls. The guards can be removed without tools, keeping the situation flexible.

Accessories & On-board Storage

Another thing that is nice about the Ridgid R4510 is that everything that comes with it can be stored in the saw. The blade guard system, the push stick, the miter and the blade wrenches can all be stored on-board.

This Saw Is Heavy Duty

This saw officially is referred to as heavy duty, and that is no lie. Some portable table saws feel light. This saw is heavy. The wh0le package of saw and stand is over 100 pounds.

However, this is a good thing. Due to the wheeled, folding stand, this saw can easily be moved around by one person. And then when you set it up, it’s heavy enough and solid enough to stay in place while you are ripping boards. Some lighter saws have a tendency to move if you are trying to cut boards that are large or heavy. This saw will not move during use. It holds its own ground.

The Ridgid Warranty

This tool (along with all other Ridgid tools) comes with a 3 year limited warranty and a lifetime service agreement. This is not bad at all, and in fact these tools are covered quite well by the manufacturer.


If you want one of the most heavy duty portable saws available right now, the Ridgid R4510 is the saw that you probably should get. Ridgid does not compromise in quality with this saw and it shows. It’s a solid performer and this saw has a lot of happy owners. If you are taking a serious look at this saw for your own home or workplace, you really can’t go wrong here.

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