Review: Skil 5480-01 SkilSaw Circular Saw Kit (7-1/4 Inch)

Skil constantly finds ways to improve their products and the SkilSaw Model 5480-01 takes it up a notch by introducing a lighter and more compact design. Its smaller size allows better control, but just because it’s less bulky, it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s less powerful.

Skil 5480-01 13 Amp Circular Saw Kit Blade Side

This saw kit comes with a 13-amp motor that gives the 7-1/4-inch 18-tooth carbide blade just the right amount of power to cut smoothly through different types of wood. Although the 5480-01 is lighter than previous models, it comes with a slightly larger foot, giving it a more stable structure. On top of that, its ergonomic front and rear handles as well as a patented safety lock add to your comfort and peace of mind.


  • Rear lever depth-adjustment and 2-point Line of Sight to help you make more precise cuts
  • Comes with Skil’s patented Anti-Snag Lower Guard that lets you work more smoothly
  • Foot is 20 percent larger than previous models, making the machine more stable and easier to control
  • Built with a Safety Lock/Guarded Trigger that greatly reduces the risk of accidental starts
  • Includes an 18-tooth carbide blade and wrench

The Reviews

We checked out the most popular online store to see what customers had to say about this product. Overall, it received favorable reviews. There were 22 customers who shared their thoughts about the SkilSaw 5480-01 and 17 of them gave it 5 stars. They all agree that the SkilSaw 5480-01 is a great buy, especially for non-professionals. It’s fairly easy to use and it truly is stable even when working at different angles—this moved one reviewer to comment that Skil truly puts their customer’s safety first when designing their power tools.

Aside from being safe and user-friendly, what really got people giving this machine 5 stars is that it makes smooth cuts through almost any kind of wood. The motor is adequately powerful and the blade is easy to insert and replace. One customer liked it so much that he actually started to think of more projects around the house just so he could use the saw more often.

Only 3 people gave ratings of 3 stars or lower. There were complaints about the saw’s so-called poor design and cheaply made materials. These customers weren’t happy with the saw’s power or performance. One customer’s unit unfortunately started to malfunction after the first use. He also claims that Skil’s customer support reps were less than helpful. Since negative reviews were greatly outnumbered by the positive ones, we couldn’t help doubting their authenticity.

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All things considered, we highly recommend the Skil Skilsaw Model 5480-01 Circular Saw Kit. It’s fairly priced and based on the reviews we’ve read, this model has great safety features—the ideal power tool for DIY project enthusiasts and those who are just getting started with a woodworking hobby. If the man in your life has been trying to make do with that bulky and rusty saw kit, this lighter and more stable upgrade would surely make a wonderful gift.

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