The 390K is an innovative orbital sander from Porter-Cable. This low-profile ergonomic sander features variable speeds, an Enduratech Motor, an electronic braking system, and a dust port that accepts 1-2 inch vacuum hoses.

PORTER-CABLE 390K Orbit Sander

The 390K is a top of the line sander that has received rave reviews from magazines and consumers alike. It is a small, lightweight sander that offers exceptional power in a quiet and easy-to-use platform. The dust port allows users to connect their shop-vac to the sander so that the dust is cleaned off as they work on their projects, which leads to a cleaner work-station as well as less need for a dust mask. The EnduraTec motor features tremendous power with less moving parts, making it a much more durable sander than other orbitals on the market.


  • 3.5 Amp EnduraTech Motor that features 70% less moving parts for increased durability
  • Electronic Brake decreases spin down time for increased productivity, mechanical brake almost completely eliminates gouging
  • Integrated Dust Port will accept a 1” or 1.5” vacuum hose to keep work surface clean
  • Electronic Load Control keeps RPMs at a constant rate for faster material removal

What Customers Are Saying

“This sander was easy on the hand as well as the ear” – J. Foote

“I have had several other sanders, Porter-Cable, Ridge, Makita, and this is by far the best I have ever used.” – Ronald D. Pignolet

Over 60% of online reviewers gave the Porter-Cable 390K the the highest rating possible. Most of these reviews raved about the small orbital sander’s power, low vibration, simple design, and dustless operation. All of which are features that many woodworkers look for in a sander.

The Porter-Cable 390K, while a little pricey, does offer many great features as well as having the Porter-Cable name behind it. Both the electronic brake and the Electronic Load Control are features you would expect to find in a larger professional-grade sander, and the dust port’s ability to fit different sizes means that you shouldn’t have to purchase a special vacuum in order to have a hose hooked up to your sander.

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The most common complaint about the Porter Cable 390K was the price; however, even many of the reviewers said that despite it’s high price, it was a worthwhile purchase. The other complaint that most consumers had was that the grip on it seemed slightly over-sized, making it more difficult to use if you had smaller hands.


  • Extremely low vibrations
  • More than adequate power
  • Electronic brake shortens job time
  • “Dustless” operation means cleaner surfaces and less health risks
  • No “bog” if pressure is applied
  • Easy to use


  • A little high-priced
  • Stiff power cable makes some maneuvers difficult


The Porter-Cable 390K orbit sander earned great reviews from Wood Working Magazine as well as consumers like you and me, and comes highly recommended. The EnduraTech motor, simple design, and high power make this a great orbital sander to use.

With all of the orbitals on the market, it can be hard to know which are a worthwhile investment, but with all of the features this orbital provides, and the Porter-Cable name standing behind it, it is clear that this is a cut above the rest.

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