The Jet JJP-8BT is an eight -inch bench jointer and planer combined. With the JJP-8BT, you get the power of having two great tools in one package so that you can do more work with less space.

Jet JJP-8BT 8-Inch Bench Top Jointer

With many features that you don’t normally find on bench models, like a strong 13 amp motor, an out-feed table with an easily adjusted height, and multiple knives that provide fast and smooth cutting, you will get precision and speed all in one package. All of this is blanketed under Jet’s three-year warranty, which is a way of showing that they are confident in their product’s durability.


  • Planer/Jointer; two tools in one box
  • 13 amp motor that works hard
  • Out-feed table that is easy to adjust
  • Adjustment knobs that are large and comfortable in the hand
  • 18,000 cuts per minute allows for expedient and precise work
  • Backed by a three-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

“I could not do what I do with out it. Great tool!” – Cory J.

“I “wood” definately recommend this tool to anyone needing a jointer and/or planer” – Becca C.

The Jet JJP-8BT has received great online reviews from consumers looking for the perfect combination tool to fit their needs. With its list of features, great warranty, and ease of use, it’s no wonder so many people were happy with it. Of all the positive things that people had to say, the most common compliment was for its versatility. Many people raved about this tool’s ability to do both jointing and planing, and not just do them, but do them very well.

A few reviews stated that the manual was poorly written, but the reviewers didn’t feel that this detracted from the quality of the tool. In fact, the general consensus was that despite the extra time required to assemble the product, they still felt like they got a great tool for a great price.

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Of the negative reviews that this product received, most had the same common complaint. Many of the online reviews stated that when they received their product, many of the nuts and bolts that hold the tool together were either loose or not in place at all. Many spoke of taking the time to go through and tighten and replace the loose and missing bolts, only to have them loosen again after a few hours of working.


  • Small and compact
  • Two tool combo provides versatility
  • Adjustment knobs feel good in the hand
  • Light and portable
  • Strong motor that lasts long and cuts fast
  • Out-feed table is made of metal, and durable
  • Fence can have angle easily adjusted


  • Lots of plastic pieces instead of metal
  • Lack of a real dust-collection system
  • Loose nuts and bolts on arrival


The Jet JJP-8BT jointer/planer is a great combination tool, providing the ability to both joint and plane in one compact and portable design. Packing great features into a smaller bench-top design, like its powerful motor and accurate cutting, you will be able to perform more work with less tools. If you like being able to accomplish more with less, and do it on a budget, then this is going to be a great purchase for you.

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