Review: Hitachi M12VC Router

The Hitachi M12VC variable speed router is the type of tool that is a must have for any serious woodworker. It can be used for general construction work like drywall cutting or deck edging, or it can also be used for pattern cutting, trimming, cutting grooves, shaping, chamfering, and more.

Hitachi M12VC Orbit Sander

The Hitachi M12VC is just one of a line of highly rated routers that Hitachi manufactures. It is powerful enough for almost any non-industrial job, yet lightweight and portable. In addition, it has plenty of thoughtful features and accessories that make it safe and easy to use. For instance, it has a soft start function, a two-stage motor release lever, and an easy-to-use electronic speed control.


  • 2-1/4 horsepower 11 Amp motor
  • Electronic speed control (that varies speeds from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM’s).
  • Nickel plated motor housing (for easy depth adjustments)
  • Low noise levels, just 79.5 dB (eliminates annoying grinding sound)
  • Two stage motor release lever (for easy depth adjustments and base changes)
  • Accessories which include: Template Gide Adapter ¼, Centering Gauge ½, Collet Chuck ¼, Collet Chuck ½, Wrench 16mm, Wrench 23mm, Hex. Bar Wrench 4mm, Hex Socket HD Bolt M5x10 (10 pieces)

What Customers Are Saying

“I own them all 12 routers in all and this is by far the quietest router ive heard period. Im a pro cabinet builder/home remodeler and use my tools constantly this is very smooth and stable on its base and although its made in china it has extremely good build quality throughout.” – steve m

“This unit has great features and has plenty of grunt when it comes to doing its’ job. Great price also.” – Hans Schaffron

There are a large number of online reviews regarding the Hitachi M12VC. Many of the reviewers extolled the virtues of the router and gave it the highest possible rating. The most common comment by those that liked the router was that it was extremely quiet. Other positive comments about the router were about its soft start features, how smooth it operates, and its great low price.

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Despite the many positive reviews, there were a few customers that did not like the Hitachi M12VC as much. The most common complaint by those that did not like the router was that getting bits in and out was cumbersome and time consuming for the users. Others complained that the router was underpowered, and those who owned their models for longer periods of time complained that the bearings burned out sooner than they would have liked.


  • Extremely quiet, operating at the super low dB level
  • Convenient Soft start function
  • Smooth, easy-to-use depth adjustment
  • Handy electronic speed control dial
  • Precision ergonomic design
  • Numerous accessories
  • Five-year warranty is offered


  • It is top heavy
  • There is difficulty to get bits in and out
  • Questionable bearing life is present too.


The Hitachi M12VC router received outstanding reviews and is highly recommended. It is versatile enough to be a benefit to both contractors and homeowners. In addition, most reviewers were impressed by its smooth and quiet performance. The most common complaint was that the router needs to be redesigned so that it would be easier to move bits in and out. For those that are in the market for a router, you should consider the Hitachi M12VC because it is an extremely good value with all it has to offer.

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