The Hitachi C10FCH2 compound miter saw is a no frills saw that delivers in the most basic ways. It will perform admirably for its intended job, and it features a 15 amp motor with a no load speed of 5,000 rpm.


Hitachi C10FCE2 Compound Miter SawIts large pivoting fence and compound bevel/miter are easily adjusted, and the saw is one of the lightest on the market.


  • 15 amp motor running at 5,000 rpm
  • Compound miter and bevel system that is user friendly
  • Dust collector
  • Lightest saw in its class
  • Ergonomic handles that reduce vibration
  • Positive stops allow you to select your angle
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What Customers Are Saying

“Cuts like a dream.” – M. Haack

“It cuts like a hot knife through butter!” – Trina

The Hitachi C10FCH2 10-inch miter saw has received extremely positive reviews online from both users and consumers. Almost every review overstated how incredibly easy to use and simple this saw is even for someone who has never used one before. A few reviews claim they had their saw from the box and into use in under five minutes, and they did this because of Hitachi’s exceptionally well-written manual as well as the simple design of the saw. In addition, many reviewers were impressed with the operation of this saw. It runs quietly for a saw, and it doesn’t wobble around. The well-placed handles and sturdy construction keep vibration to a minimum.

The lack of features may discourage some people from purchasing this saw, but it isn’t made for frills and excitement. It is made for the everyman to cut simple jobs and do so at an economical price. With its low-price and high quality, it works for what it is, a great entry-level saw.

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The most common complaint that this saw received in online reviews is that it has an overabundance of plastic parts. In order to cut weight, many of the traditionally steel or aluminum pieces have been replaced with plastic, and while it still operates at the same capacity, many consumers have complained about the “feel” of this saw.  In addition many complaints were made about the factory blade that comes with the saw. Multiple online reviews stated that after minimal usage the saw blade that came with the saw was missing teeth. A new higher quality blade should fix this, but it is definitely something worth complaining about.


  • Very basic and simple, with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Very powerful despite its light frame and weight
  • Extremely light and portable
  • Compound Bevel/miter system that is user friendly
  • Dust collector works well
  • Very well-placed and usable handles
  • Positive stops make reading angles simpler
  • Extremely quiet with low vibration


  • Almost completely plastic
  • 10” blade won’t cut 8” board due to design
  • Factory blade is low-quality


The Hitachi C10FCH2 10-inch compound miter saw is a great entry-level saw that will work admirably for basic cuts and semi-regular use. Its low price and ease of operation make it perfect for the beginner looking to purchase his or her first saw. It is simple to assemble, easy to use, and inexpensive, which are three traits you should look for in your first saw.

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