The Grizzly G0654 Jointer is a six-inch jointer with a 46 inch table. This six-inch jointer comes packed with loads of great features, which include a strong 1-horsepower motor that will keep cutting and a mobile base that features two static casters and one caster set on a “kick-stand” which allows the jointer to be moved easily anywhere you need it to go.

Grizzly G0654 Jointer 1

It also comes with a three knife cutter-head, a table height that is just under three feet, and positive stops on the fence at the 45 and the 90 degree positions. Many of these options are only common on larger, more expensive tools.


  • Dust collection system, or dust-hood
  • Powerful 1 hp motor
  • Positive stops on the fence adjustment
  • Large 46-inch table for bigger jobs
  • Three knife cutter-head
  • Push blocks and integrated storage for them

What Customers Are Saying

“I’m very happy with the product, the ease of assembly, and the whole experience with delivery and purchase.” – J. White

“works well and is easy to work with. Great deal for the money.” – Steve Q.

The Grizzly G0654 jointer has received extremely high praise form online reviewers and raters. There were so many features that consumers were pleased with that it is impossible to pick just one from the list. Many spoke of the product’s simple assembly, as well as its ease of operation, while others boasted on its ability to move without trouble. The one trait this jointer has that everyone seemed pleased with was its quality for the price. Since this jointer is less expensive than most other similar jointers, it was a pleasant shock when customers saw the extremely well-put together and high-quality tool that they ordered.

Grizzly G0654 Jointer 3

The product’s weight provides extra stability, and many reviewers were pleased to see that this was a well-thought design that provided adequate weight in the right places. Not only is this jointer stable, it has little to no vibration and operates extremely quietly.

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Many of these same online reviewers did have one common complaint. They felt that the manufacturer had used too much Cosmoline (or packing grease) when packing the Grizzly G0654 Jointer. The packing grease was on almost every part in the box, and it took buyers more time to clean that up than the actual assembly of the product seemed to take. Once the grease was cleaned, however, the same online reviewers were extremely pleased with the function and operation of their new jointer.


  • Easy to move and put away
  • Heavy and stable
  • Quiet operation
  • Fast assembly with good instructions
  • Powerful motor
  • Three knife cutter-head provides fast and precise cutting
  • Great table size
  • Extremely affordable, high-quality tool
  • Extremely effective dust-collection that keeps your lungs clean and clear


  • More packing grease is used than is needed
  • Blade guard sticks occasionally when cutting thinner boards


The Grizzly G0654 is a great six-inch jointer that works hard. Its no-frills approach to woodworking, coupled with its strong motor and sturdy build, make this a wonderful addition to any woodworking shop. With all of the quality and features you get with this jointer, and at such an affordable price, it just makes sense that if you need a jointer, this is the one for you.

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