The DeWalt DWS780 miter saw has tons of useful features that make jobs easier. Its XPS cross-cut positioning system provides adjustment-free cut-line indication. The 15 amp motor runs at 3,800 rpm.

DEWALT DWS780 Compound Miter Saw 1

Its exclusive back fence design allows for large lumber sizes to be mitered and beveled, the stainless detent features 10 positive stops for easy reading and fast cutting, and the whole unit is backed by a three-year warranty with one year of free service.


  • 15 amp motor running at 3,800 rpm
  • Miter system adjusts left and right for increased versatility
  • Dual direction bevel
  • Stainless detent has 10 positive stops for easy reading
  • XPS allows for adjustment-free cut-line indication
  • Exclusive back fence design allows for large lumber miter cuts
  • Three-year warranty and one year of free service

What Customers Are Saying

“…truly a versatile saw” – Joel A.

“… smooth and powerful.” – E. Vick

The DeWalt DWS780 miter saw has received accolades due to its durability and exceptional performance. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and has been given the highest possible rating by most online reviewers and users. The trait that has everyone singing its praises is the saw’s versatility. With its two-direction bevel, and miter users are able to cut at a variety of angles from a variety of directions. Its sliding ability allows for boards much larger than 12 inches to be cut. All of these features add up to one versatile saw that is capable of replacing multiple tools, and the durability of this saw means it can replace them for years to come.

The design of the saw, as well as the placement of the dust bag, make working in confined places much more difficult. The saw may not be huge, but due to poor design, it needs open spaces.

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Most online users that purchased this saw felt like it wasn’t a big upgrade from the previous model, and that for the money you aren’t getting anything that sets it above and beyond competition. However, it is still a great saw. The biggest complaint, though, has been the ineffectiveness of the dust bag and exhaust system. As previously stated, its placement precludes people from using it in confined places, but in addition to this, many people have stated that it just isn’t effective.


  • Extremely durable
  • Quality factory blade
  • Fairly user-friendly
  • Back fence and slide feature let this one saw do the work of multiple saws
  • 2-direction bevel
  • Amazingly accurate
  • Positive stops make reading angles simpler
  • XPS is extremely useful


  • Ineffective exhaust system
  • Placement of dust vent and overall design make the system bulky
  • Heavy


The DeWalt DWS780 miter saw has so much versatility packed into one frame that this saw does the work of multiple saws. It will cut large lumber thanks to its exclusive back fence and sliding features, and its durability means that it can handle the heavier workload users are sure to place on it. This saw is a great tool for anyone from the hobbyist to the professional carpenter, and everyone in between.

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