Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw
The Dewalt DWS713 compound miter saw is designed to be portable while also providing a good amount of cutting power. It is also priced affordably. Let’s take a closer look at this one.
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Cutting Power & Motor

This saw is powered by a 15 amp motor that spins the blade at a no load speed of 5,000 RPM. It fits a 10 inch blade with a 5/8 inch arbor. It’s cutting capacity is 2×6 inches at 90 degrees and 2×4 inches at 45 degrees.

The motor runs smoothly but there is no soft start feature, so you can feel the torque of the blade when it starts up. There is a blade brake that slows the blade down more quickly when you power it off, which is nice.

The included blade is a Dewalt DW3103 10 inch, 32 tooth general purpose blade. The blade is sufficient if you just need to put the saw to work right out of the box, but upgrading the blade can also be beneficial as there are better blades out there.

For a smaller and more portable miter saw this one still packs a good amount of cutting power, even though the cutting capacity is a little smaller. The ability to cut baseboard vertically or crown molding at the back edge of the blade is what helps squeeze out it’s higher vertical capacity. At it’s price point it’s a great saw for home or shop users that need something more affordable to cross-cut trim work and smaller lumber. It’s portability makes it a good option for job site users as well but only if the cutting capacity is sufficient for the particular job.

Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Action 1

Miter Adjustments

The miter on this saw is pretty good and it has a range of 50 degrees on both the left and right. Both left and right sides of the miter scale have positive stops at 0, 10, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 35.3 and 45 degrees. On the right side there is also an additional stop at 50 degrees.

The calibration of both the miter scale and the pointer are adjusted easily during setup by loosening the screws for each and moving the scale and pointer until they line up properly with a centered blade.

During use, the miter is adjusted by loosening the knob on the end of the handle and then rotating the miter base. There is a trigger lever right underneath the handle for locking and unlocking into the positive stops. After making adjustments simply tighten the knob on the handle again. It’s pretty easy to use the miter and the large amount of positive stops at common cutting angles comes in very handy.

Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Miter Scale

Bevel Adjustments

This miter saw has a single bevel that tilts to the left. On the left side it has a range of 0-48 degrees and on the right it can move little bit with a range of 0-3 degrees. There are stops at 0 and 45 degrees, and it’s easy to calibrate during setup by adjusting just two screws.

The bevel action feels smooth during adjustments and it’s easy to quickly make changes between cuts. To adjust the bevel you raise the blade, slide out the upper fence on the left to make room for the tilted blade, and then turn the knob at the back of the saw to loosen the bevel. You can then tilt the blade to either one of the stops or a specific measurement using the bevel scale, and the tighten the knob again. Easy enough.

Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Front Profile
Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Front Bevel Tilt

Cutting Table & Fence

This saw has a smaller table area but the fence is tall enough to support vertical baseboard cuts. The table on this saw is made from aluminum and has a nice, smooth finish. Most people who own this saw have good luck with getting flat tables and fences out of the box.

The fence works well on this saw and people don’t really have many issues with it. The fence is tall enough to support up to 4-1/4 inch vertical baseboard cuts. The left side section of the fence has a sliding top portion that can slide outwards to make room for bevel cuts or to provide more outer support.

Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Cutting Table

Handling & Safety

This saw is powered on with a trigger switch on the handle grip. The switch has a lock lever right on it that also need to be depressed, which keeps you from accidentally powering this thing on. There is also a hole for a safety lock to lock the switch from powering on.

To raise and lower the blade during cuts, there is a stopper pin that needs to be pulled and released towards the back of the saw. The stopper pin can be rotated to keep it in an open position for freely raising and lowering the blade during use.

The blade guard works well on this saw and does a good job of covering the blade when it needs to and getting out of the way when you need to see the blade making contact with materials. The blade guard can be easily propped open with a stopper screw when you are changing blades.

Overall, this saw feels good during use and feels very safe to use with standard safety precautions. It doesn’t fight against you when you are making cuts.

Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Action 2
Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Locking Pin
Dewalt DWS713 Miter Saw Vice Clamp

Dust Collection

Like many miter saws, this one struggles with dust collection, especially with the included dust bag. The best option is going to be to use a dust collection system with some suction power to help capture as much of the dust as possible. Even then it won’t be perfect but it will be better.

The dust port on this saw is about 1-1/2 inches and may require an adapter or duct tape to connect to your dust collection system. Dewalt also makes some dust collection systems that will work with this saw if you want to go that route.

Build Quality

The build quality on this saw is good, especially considering it’s price point. For such an affordable saw it doesn’t feel like it’s skimping on quality. Of course you will find some of the usual plastic levers and knobs, which is unavoidable these days. These parts hold up well on this saw and people don’t have too many issues with the plastic parts breaking.

The base is solid and heavy and even though this saw is lighter at 39 lbs it still feels solid sitting free on a workbench. There are mounting holes in the base if you want to bolt it down to a workbench for further stability.

The miter and bevel adjustments feel good and don’t feel cheap. The miter scale can be replaced if the stops start to wear and get sloppy, which is nice for a cheaper saw.

The motor works well on this one and people get pretty good life out of it. There are some mentions out there about bearings wearing out, which can happen but seems to be more rare. This seems to affect people within a year if it does happen, so the warranty will have you covered.

Included Accessories

This saw comes with a few accessories, here’s what’s in the box:

  • Miter saw
  • 10 inch blade
  • Dust bag
  • Wrench
  • Vertical clamp

Setup & Assembly

This saw requires a little bit of setup time and you’ll want to take the time to check all the calibration points and align everything properly. After getting everything setup and aligned, you’ll be able to make adjustments and measurements quickly during use. It’s important to read through the manual on this one so that you catch the smaller details for calibration, blade changes and safe use.


Dewalt offers a 3 year warranty on defective parts or workmanship. They also include a 1 year free service contract and a 90 day money back guarantee. This is good enough to help you out if you have quality control issues in that first year of use.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth and reliable miter and bevel action
  • Safety power switch
  • Good cutting capacity for it’s size
  • Good cutting power
  • Portable and has a carry handle


  • Dust collection bag isn’t that great
  • No soft start
  • Potential bearing issues with motor

Technical Specifications

15 A
Max Speed
5,000 RPM
Blade Size
10 inch
Bevel Type
Single Bevel
Max Bevel Cut Angle – Left
48 degrees
Max Bevel Cut Angle – Right
3 degrees
Max Miter Cut Angle – Left
50 degrees
Max Miter Cut Angle – Right
50 degrees
Size (Height x Width x Depth)
17.72 in x 20 in x 24.8 in
39 lbs
Dust Collection
Cord Length
6 Ft

The Verdict

The Dewalt DWS713 compound miter saw is a good combination of value and portability without making much of a sacrifice on cutting power. This saw is lacking in bells and whistles but it has the essentials and it performs well for home, shop and job site users. It’s hard to go wrong with this one if you just need a cheap, powerful miter saw that can be moved around easily.

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