Review: DeWalt DW364K Circular Saw with Electric Brake (7-1/4 Inch)

If you’re a handy person who loves DIY projects around the home, the sight of heavy-duty power tools probably makes your heart skip a beat. We think you might fall in love with the DeWalt DW364K circular saw too.

DEWALT DW364K Circular Saw with Electric Brake Closeup

For one, it’s a powerful little thing. With a 15-amp motor, this baby can cut through the toughest wood with no trouble at all.

Power tools are not cheap, yes, but you are sure to get your money’s worth with a DeWalt. Just one look at its heavy-gauge, high-strength aluminum alloy base and you know this thing will give you years of service.

DeWalt puts user safety first, and that is why this circular saw comes with an electic blade brake, which stops the blade when the saw is not in use. Another cool safety feature is the rear pivot depth of adjustment cut, which means that at any depth, you can keep your hand safely behind the tool.


  • Increased safety with electric blade brake and a rear pivot depth of adjustment cut—you can keep your hand behind the tool at all depth of cuts!

  • 15-amp motor is powerful enough for the most difficult jobs and it’s tough enough to last a long time

  • Built with a heavy-gauge, high-strength aluminum alloy base

  • 50-degree beveling capacity

The Reviews

With DeWalt’s reputation, we weren’t surprised to see that this model got great reviews on Amazon. Out of 36 customers who left feedback, 32 gave ratings no less than 4 stars or higher. Reviewers who loved this product were impressed with the DW364K’s power. Users who have had this circular saw for quite a while can attest to its consistently good performance. They have no complaints about its accuracy either. There is a clear view of the cut point. Depth and angle adjustment are precise, and the motor is wonderfully smooth. Some users think it’s quite heavy, but its stable construction makes up for it.

Of course, you can’t always please everybody. There are those who weren’t satisfied with their purchase. One customer felt that the height adjustment on this saw was rough and that adjusting the blade was quite a chore. Others seemed to have received defective units. The sole plate was either warped or some of the parts were not parallel to each other. However, these complaints were very few.

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All in all, we think that the DeWalt DW364K is a great investment. It’s undoubtedly powerful enough to handle a wide variety of cutting jobs and it’s built to withstand years of abuse. It may not be the best tool for beginners since according to some reviews, it is quite heavy and the design is obviously made for professionals. But if you’re serious about learning carpentry or a wood working hobby and you want to develop your skills, this is a great power tool to grow into. It may be a little intimidating to handle at first, but with time, you will learn to work with (and appreciate) its sheer power.

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