Bosch PR20EVS Colt Palm Router

The Bosch PR20EVS palm router is a great little router tool that is affordable and capable for both home and workshop use. Some key features include the variable speed motor and the wide range of accessories that will work with this tool. Let’s take a closer look.

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Cutting Power & Motor

For a smaller palm router there is plenty of power available for most of the types of cuts and trimming you’d want to use it for. This router is designed to use 1/4 inch shaft bits, to give you an idea of what it’s intended to be used for.

Bosch employs both soft start and constant response technology here which helps to start up the router smoothly with less torgue and to keep the bit at a steady speed when adjusting the variable speed motor. Both of these features combine to make this router feel very smooth during operation.

The 5.6 amp motor produces a max of 1hp and can spin from 16,000 to 35,000 RPM. The variable speed action is smooth and easy to use with the adjustment dial right on top of the router.

Most people who use this router tend to leave it at the highest speed settings, but it’s nice to be able to adjust the speed if you have a bit that requires a slower speed for optimal use. Slower speeds are typically recommended for larger diameter bits, whereas the faster speeds are typically for softer materials and smaller bits.

Bosch PR20EVS Router Action

Fixed Base

This router comes with a fixed base attachment and is likely the most common type of base to be used by most people. The base clamps on easily with a single lever and can be completely separated from the router unit.

The fixed base is made from aluminum with an acrylic plate underneath. It has a square shape which can be useful for lining up with cutting guides. There are couple of spots designated for putting your fingers when you are holding the base while starting a cut, which is a nice touch.

Bosch PR20EVS Router Action 2

Cutting Depth

With the fixed base, the router has a max depth range of 1-3/16 inches. The depth of the cut can be adjusted by loosening the clamp on the base and then also by using the fine tune adjustment on the base itself.

This router is designed to make depth adjustments fairly easily, but some people who own and use this router regularly find that it can be tricky to work with. The big adjustments are made by un-clamping and re-clamping the base, which can be hard to clamp into place accurately. The fine tuning is done with a knob that can be a little hard to move smoothly. Once you get used to how it works you can dial in adjustments fairly quickly, but you will have to get used to the quirky way it feels during making the adjustments.

Palm Grip Design

This is a small router, and most people with average to larger sized hands will find it to be more than comfortable in their grip. One handed operation makes this router useful for many situations in the shop.

Bosch PR20EVS Router Working

Build Quality

This palm router is made from high quality materials and it feels like a solid tool when in hand. The aluminum fixed base is great for a router at this price point, and adds to the overall solid feel of this tool. There are some plastic parts in the casing and switches, but people who use this router haven’t had any issues with the plastic parts breaking like on some other tools.

Bosch PR20EVS Router Action 4

Included Accessories

This router comes with a few accessories, and there are more available to purchase depending on how you intend to use your router. Here’s what comes packaged with this router:

  • PR001 Aluminum Fixed Base
  • Shaft Wrench
  • 1/4 Inch Collet Chuck
  • Collet Wrench

Other Available Accessories

There are quite a few extra accessories available from Bosch that work with this router. Depending on your work or projects you may find them useful. Here’s what’s available.

BOSCH PR011 Colt Router Plunge Base Working

Edge Guide (PR001)

BOSCH PR102 Palm Router Edge Guide

Roller Guide (PR003)

BOSCH PR003 Roller Guide

Offset Base (PR004)

BOSCH PR004 Offset Base With Roller Guide

Tilt Base (PR005)

BOSCH PR005 Tilt Base

Underscribe Attachment (PR006)

Bosch PR006 Underscribe Attachment

Side-Handle Subbase (PR007)

BOSCH PR007 Side-Handle Subbase and Dust Hood

Base Cover (PR008)

Bosch PR008 Base Cover

Subbase for RA-Series Template Guides (PR009)

BOSCH PR007 Side-Handle Subbase and Dust Hood

Subbase for Threaded Template Guides (PR110)

BOSCH PR110 Palm Router Subbase

Plunge Base (PR011)

BOSCH PR011 Colt Router Plunge Base

Setup & Assembly

This is a pretty easy tool to setup and get running. There’s minimal parts to assemble and most of your time will be spent installing a bit and getting used to making depth adjustments with the base. Bosch did a good job with making this tool easy to use and to change out parts.

We recommend reading through the manual to make sure you are making adjustments and bit changes safely.


Bosch offers a 1 year warranty on defective parts or workmanship. This is good enough to help you out if you have quality control issues in that first year of use.


  • Variable speed motor comes in handy
  • Lightweight and well-balanced during use
  • Lots of useful accessories available


  • Shaft lock button can be wonky
  • Aluminum base isn’t see-through
  • Depth adjustments can be tricky for some
  • Doesn’t fit 1/2 inch bits

Technical Specifications


5.6 A


1 HP

Max Speed

16,000-35,000 RPM

Collet Capacity

1/4 Inch

Fixed-Base Depth Range

1-3/16 inch

Plunge Depth

1-3/16 inch

Size (Height x Width x Depth)

7.5 in x 3.5 in x 3.75 in

Subbase Size

3-1/2″ x 3-3/4″


3.3 lbs

Dust Collection




The Verdict

The Bosch PR20EVS palm router is a good, affordable router for smaller jobs. It’s not super heavy in features but it performs well with what it does have. It can work well as a secondary tool in shops that have more powerful routers available, or it can also be good for home users with smaller demands of their routing tool. If you can get away with just using 1/4 inch bits, this is a good affordable router to take a look at.

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