Review: Bosch 5312 Compound Miter Saw (12″)

The Bosch 5312 12-inch dual bevel slide compound miter saw is packed full of useful features that will make your cutting jobs easier. The saw will also help you take less time.

Bosch 5312 Compound Miter Saw

It features a large base that has built-in extending rails to handle large pieces, a front-lock bevel/miter system that allows for multiple angles to be cut and easily read, an electric brake that stops the blade quickly, allowing for quick and accurate cuts, and it is all backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 15-amp motor providing lots of power
  • Front bevel/miter lock for easy access
  • Electric brake for quick and precise cuts
  • Built-in extension rails for large cuts
  • Multiple miter detents for accurate cutting
  • 25-inch base for cutting large/long stock
  • One-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

“I have found it to be the most accurate, durable, fast to use, and easy to carry” – Eric

“Took care of every task from initial framing to hanging the final trim. It did it accurately, and without a problem” – Sharon C.

The Bosch 5312 compound miter saw received more five-star ratings than all other possible ratings combined in online reviews. With so many positive things to say about this saw, the most prevalent compliment it received was that it was extremely accurate. Despite being knocked and banged around, this saw retains its accuracy, and it is easy to adjust if it loses its square. The best trait this saw has is its durability. Many reviews spoke of watching in horror as their saw fell eight or nine feet, but came through virtually unscratched.

The 5312 comes with factory blades that many consumers have said need to be replaced sooner than what should be expected. The plus side to this is that many of these consumers have replaced their factory blades with other aftermarket blades, and they have lasted longer and fit perfectly into the saw.

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The only real complaint this saw consistently received was that it is just too large. Despite Bosch claiming that it is portable, this saw is big and heavy and consumers should be prepared to designate a workspace specifically for it. Many reviews spoke of making a bench for it out of 2x4s, just to ensure that there was adequate work space for the saw.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Extremely powerful
  • Electric brake makes quick and precise cuts
  • Built-in extension rails make larger jobs easier
  • Multiple angle detents with easy to read bevels
  • Extremely accurate and easy to adjust if it loses square
  • Very portable despite its size


  • Large and heavy
  • Factory blades don’t last long
  • Exhaust system doesn’t function well, even with a vacuum hooked up


The Bosch 5312 compound miter saw has many useful features that make it a versatile saw that will make many jobs easier. With its multiple angle detents, built-in rails, and electric brake, this saw is capable of stop and go action and large jobs. It is suitable for work sites, wood shops, and just about any other place a saw can go. With aftermarket blades this saw will cut just about anything a saw can cut. Its durability and accuracy make it the perfect saw for anyone that needs precision cuts from a saw that will last.

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