The Black & Decker RO100 Orbit Sander includes a dust collector, a pad brake, and a random orbit for a smooth clean finish. The dust collector keeps the work area clean. The five-inch pad utilizes Velcro-brand hooks and loop fasteners for quick and easy pad changes, and the whole model is covered under Black and Decker’s two-year warranty.

Black and Decker RO100 Orbit Sander

The RO100 has a strong 2 amp motor that runs at speeds up to 12000 opm, providing excellent power in a more compact sander. The dust collector can be easily attached to a shop-vac so that your work station stays clean and free of debris. It only weighs 3 pounds, so it is light and easy to handle.


  • 5” sanding area
  • Velcro Brand fasteners on sand pads
  • Dust collector keeps workstation clean
  • 2 amp motor thr runs up to 12000 opm
  • Optimum pad speed on the pad brake is maintained
  • Light weight

What Customers Are Saying

“Without a doubt I would be happier with the sanders costing twice as much!” – S. Pointen

“The built in dust collector is a real boon.” – Rebecca

Most online reviewers have given this orbital sander a more than positive rating. In fact, more online reviewers have given the RO100 the best rating possible compared to all other ratings combined. Consumers are happy about its low price, dust bag, light weight and ease of use, but most people have applauded its longevity.

The best attribute this sander has is its price. For the inexpensive price, it is one of the premier sanders in its class. Reviewers stated that they had more expensive sanders that didn’t work as well as this one.

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The most common complaint about the RO100 sander is that it is made almost entirely of plastic. One consumer spoke about how the sander felt cheap and toy-like in his hand, but also said that he was pleased with its operational ability. Another common complaint that consumers had about the RO100 was the price of replacement pads. If a consumer isn’t a careful shopper they can expect to pay almost half the cost of the sander just for a pad replacement.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Dust Collector works well, especially when attached to a shop-vac
  • Durable
  • Pad brake works very well
  • Easy-to-change sandpaper


  • Pads are expensive
  • All plastic design feels cheap
  • No speed adjustment


The Black and Decker RO100 Orbital Sander is a great sander given its modest price. It works best when it is used for its intended purpose, which is small jobs. The fact that it is easy to change the pads and keeps your work area clean due the dust bag makes it a great choice for every day work.

The RO100 has a strong 2 amp motor that runs at speeds up to 12000 opm, providing excellent power in a more compact sander. For the regular every day handyman, and for those of us that just need a sander on rare occasions, the Black and Decker RO100 fills that niche, and does it perfectly. With its 2 amp motor, quick change pads, pad brake, and attractive price, the RO100 is the everyman’s sander, performing its duties tirelessly.

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