No one is perfect, and tool making companies are no exception. Sometimes a design flaw makes it through even the most rigorous testing only to show up once the product is on the shelf–or in your workshop. Here is a list of some of the most recent power tool recalls and how to handle them if you happen to own one of these items.

18 Volt Cordless Drill by Harbor Freight

This item may overheat causing fire and burn risks to the user. There are only two item numbers that are affected by this recall: 68239 and 68287. These tools were available from mid 2011 to fall of 2015. If you own one of these drills, please contact Harbor Freight at  (800) 444-3353 or send an email to [email protected] to receive instructions for getting a new replacement drill.

Dremel Micro #8050

The Dremel Micro Rotary tool model #8050 has several issues, the primary one being the possibility of overheating causing a risk of burns. These tools were sold through most home improvement stores from July of 2014 all the way through May of 2015. Only models with certain dates codes are at risk. You can find the affected date codes on Dremel’s website. If you own one of the recalled items, call 1-855-866-1291 for information regarding the correction of this problem.

Grizzly 10″ Hybrid Table Saw

This table saw has had reports of severe injuries due to its use. The motor pulley can break free and hit the blade, resulting in a mass of small metal fragments flying out. The saws being recalled are model number G0771 with date codes ranging between 06/2014 and 11/2014. The date codes can be found on the white metal base. This product was sold between January and May of 2015. If you have one of the recalled saws, call Grizzly at 800-523-4777, or visit their website for information on getting a full refund or a free repair.

If any of these items have found their way into your workshop, stop using them immediately and contact the appropriate company. We want your time woodworking to result in a beautiful finished product, not a trip to the emergency room.