different types of wood finishWood finishing is very important to the complete job. It is the last and final step and making the project appear as it should help create a better finish and help keep little mistakes from happening. They also provide easier ways to do smaller jobs and save money in the end.

Shop Made Scraper

This scraper will not mark up the finishing job that is being done. Using metal will scar the wood that is being worked on. Having impressions in the wood will prove to be quite noticeable when the job is complete. In order to use a wood friendly tool that does not cost much money, make it in the shop. It is made from ¾” pine or another soft wood that is available. Cut the tool into the shape of a scraper using a scroll saw or band saw. It will then need to be tapered at the edge by a sander. Then round over the handle of the tool with a sander in order to provide comfort while using it. The made tool will not nick the wood that is being stripped. It will also refrain from digging in as the old finish is being lifted.

Less Space for Drying Shelves

In order to let the shelf panels dry out of the way, utilize chains. If the shop is small, using chains will provide a lot more room to work on other projects while the shelves are drying safely out of the way of anything that could harm them. Screw hooks onto the ceiling joists in order to hang two chains that are spaced out to the length of the boards that will be hung to dry. Screw hooks into the ends of the wood in order to hang the wood as they dry. For ease, hang the woods and then stain or paint the wood. To keep the wood from falling victim to dust flying around the shop, make sure to place them far away from sanding machines, saws, and anything else that throws up dust into the air.

Hand Rubbed Look

In order to provide a smoother finish without using to much money, use this unconventional method. Cut squares out of a paper grocery bag. Instead of purchasing oil and pumice, a brown paper bag will replace the need. Take the cut out squares and crumbles them up repeatedly. It is to make it softer. After the softness has been achieved, fold the piece of bag so that it fits into the hand. Rub the folded paper over the wood repeatedly to create a matte finish. It will knock off down tiny dust nibs that create the matte finish.

Stop Wood Pieces from Moving While Finishing

For this, a large piece of cardboard, staple gun, and staples are needed. Create lines of staples throughout the entire piece of cardboard. Flip the cardboard staple point side up. This will create a place to set whole pieces of wood that need to be finished. Holding them will create fingers spots and sitting them on a table will allow them to slide everywhere while painting them.