Saw BladesAll equipment should be maintained for a longer performing life and quality performance. There are tips and tricks to follow to ensure that the life of the tool will be longer to save money. It is important to allow for one day of cleaning and maintenance to be performed on all of the equipment that is used in a wood shop.

Inspections of Tools:

Power Cords

If the tool is electric powered, then it will have a cord. The person should check for frayed spots on the entire length of the cord. Inspect the plugs for and burnt prongs. If any imperfections are found on the plug or the electrical cord, then replace the cord and the plug.


Brushes are solid block that are made from carbon. There are some accessible located beneath two covers that have been screwed onto the motor housing. At times there are some that require the person to remove the entire housing. The brushes should be replaced if there are any rainbow colors found on the spring. If the spring is collapsed or broken copper is found, then the spring will need to be replaced. Any brush that is worn down close to or past the limit mark that is found on the side, displays signs of burning, or includes any chipping should be replaced immediately.


Look through the vent slots while the motor is powered on. If any sparks are seen or a smell radiates from the tool, then it should be recycled or taken to a repair shop.


In order to test the grounding, touch a tester from the grounding prong found on the plug to the metal of the tool. If a reading is displayed, the tool is grounded safely.

Tool Cleanliness:


It is important to blow out any dust that has been accumulated on the inside of the tool. Use compressed air. Blow the air through the vent slots while the tool is powered on. Make sure to wear safety glasses when performing this cleaning step.

Rust Removal

In order to remove rust, degreaser can be used. If this is not available or preferred, then use rust penetrates and a pad that is abrasive. It will protect against any further rust. There are many professionals that like to use TopCote. It is located in woodworking stores.

Plastic Pieces

Clean any pieces of the tool that are plastic with water. Any chemical solvents that are used may damage the plastic. The plastic is installed onto the tool for operation and safety for the user. When it deteriorates due to chemicals, it can pose a safety threat or cause the tool to stop working.

Cleaning a Table Saw

To clean the moving parts of the tabe saw, use a wire brush and citrus cleaner. Never use water as it will rust the saw. For the blades, use overn cleaner and then buff them. A router needs to be cleaned by removing the collet and cleaning the inside with a round, brass, fine-bristled brush. Use steel wool on the outside.