DeWalt DC720KA 18v Cordless Drill 3Dewalt drills are some of the most popular on the market, due to their power and heavy-duty construction. However, there are a variety of drill aspects you need to consider before blindly purchasing one.

Dewalt makes four different kinds of power drills: standard, hammer, impact and right-angle drills. Each of these types has their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Standard drills: the most basic and prosaic type of Dewalt drill. It can drill holes, drive screws and perform finishing work, such as routing and countersinking. If you just need a basic drill with no frills for a low price (sometimes under $100), this is the type you should get.
  • Hammer drills: a standard drill with the option to “stutter” the motion of the drill. This creates a sensation not dissimilar to a jack hammer. Hammer Dewalt drills are perfect for jobs on heavy-duty materials, such as concrete.
  • Impact drills: similar to hammer drills in that they can create a “stutter” motion. However, the stutter in an impact drill goes against the pressure of the drill, making impact drills more useful for removing thick nuts and bolts. Generally speaking, impact drills are useful for auto makers and mechanics, but not so much with amateur or professional woodworkers.
  • Right-angled drills: a standard drill with a twist: literally. Right-angle drill heads can rotate up to 90 degrees for easier access in hard-to-reach areas. Most professional woodworkers will have at least one right-angled drill.

Dewalt drills have two types of power sources: corded and cord-free. Choosing between the two is a matter of preference: cord-free drills need to be recharged, but corded drills will require an electric source, something that can be difficult in work environments without electricity.

All Dewalt drills are, generally, compatible with a wide variety of drill bits. These bits include router, hex, torx, pozi, spade, countersink, and hole saw drill bits.

Now that you understand Dewalt drill types, their power sources and drill bit capacity, you should have little trouble finding a drill that works for you.

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