Bench GrinderOften when we think of the fine craftsmanship that is involved with woodworking, we think of hand tools… chisels, awls, hammers, etc. In reality, power tools play a big role in the workshop. Consider how adding the following power tools to your work area will increase your productivity by saving you time and energy.

  1. A Circular Saw – While it is not exactly a replacement for a table saw, a good circular saw is a great investment because of its versatility. When trying to break down your stock into usable pieces, setting up saw horses and ripping them with a circular saw is much easier than trying to maneuver them around your stationary table saw.
  2. A Sander – While a novice may simply grab a cheap stack of sand paper and go to town, anyone who has tried that once knows that a good sander will save so much time, not to mention save your shoulder and forearm! Whether you choose a palm power sander or an orbital power sander for finishing your edges, utilizing electricity over elbow grease is always a smart idea!
  3. A Bench Grinder – As the blades on your tools and chisels wear down, you can replace them, pay to have them sharpened, you can sharpen them yourself using a bench grinder. In the long run,a bench grinder is an investment that will save you money.
  4. A Quality Shop Vac – Yes, you could sweep your shop with a broom and dustpan, but cleaning up sawdust with a good shop vac is quicker and more thorough. If you invest in a good wet/dry shop vac, you will be prepared for cleaning up any spills, plumbing problems, or flooding issues as well.

Some purists in the woodworking trade may choose to do all their work by hand, but we would argue that using power tools can be a smart way to save time, energy, and money while still satisfying the urge to create things out of wood. Without a doubt, these power tools make a great addition to any workshop.