My Opinion of the Dewalt 20” Scroll Saw

Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw in UseIf you’re looking for insights into Dewalt table saws, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been working with these saws for years and have gotten to know them all pretty well. And one of my favorite Dewalt saws is the 20″ VS scroll saw.

When I’m trying to create accurate curves and joints in my wood, I often fire this baby up. It has a real nice stroke per minute rate of 400-1,750 with a stroke length of about 3/4″. That much power creates quick and splinter-free cuts nearly ever time.

The easy pivot arm is nice, as is the unique “perpendicular” arm position. I’m seeing a lot more saws with this design, because it drastically reduces the occurrence of over or undercutting. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a potentially great project get eaten up by a poorly designed scroll saw.

When working with this saw, I’ve found that two-way blades tend to make the best cuts. That’s because they’re cutting on both the down AND the upstroke. With a steady hand and a slow cut speed, you’re practically guaranteed the smoothest and cleanest cuts.

Some amateur woodmen find that they lack the skill necessary to master the two-way blade. In that instance, I’d suggest a single skip blade. With their single “tooth-gap” design, they’re easier to control than most blades and still create nice, even cuts.

In fact, I’ve used just about every type of blade with Dewalt 20″ scroll saw and it has never failed to produce smooth and attractive corners for my projects. With a retail price of about $450, it may be a bit much for some amateurs. However, I really believe that it’s worth the investment.

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