While the idea of having a portable workshop or workspace might seem a little ridiculous to some, many people have created just that, so that they can work on projects remotely or while traveling.

What can you do with a mobile workspace? Pretty much the sky is the limit, and you will only be limited by your imagination and pocketbook.

This article goes into three good options for bringing your workshop to the work, rather than the other way around.

You will see how to make a portable shop, a portable workbench, and a portable vice – all of which can come in handy if you find yourself traveling to your work.

The portable shop seemed the most creative to me:

“Club member Gene Burke of LaConner, Washington, came up with this ingenious method for transporting benchtop power tools. He bolted the legs from a folding table to a 1-in.-thick sheet of plywood, added a handle at one end and an axle and wheels at the other, and bolted his table saw and miter saw to the table. (To prevent problems when cutting sheet goods, be sure to mount the table saw so there’s clearance over the miter saw.) Now all he has to do is fold the legs and roll the setup from his vehicle to the job site.”

I’m sure there are quite a few more pretty creative ways that people have devised to bring their shop on the road. If you know of any more examples, we’d be interested in hearing about them.