wood sawing and cutting at local industrial wood factoryPower tool safety is one of those things that you just can’t take for granted: improperly using, storing, or cleaning them can lead to dangerous, life changing situations. This is especially true if you’re teaching your children about the joys of wood working.

Thankfully, there are sites like “The Power Tool Institute” to educate you and your loved ones about power tool safety.

What is the “The Power Tool Institute”? This site, otherwise known as PTI, is an all-inclusive website designed to offer lessons on multiple aspects of power tool safety.

For example, it has a section called “Safety Information,” which breaks down safety tips by tool type. It also offers a section called “Teaching Power Tool Safety,” that you can utilize when and if you need to teach these valuable lessons.

However, the coolest part about this site is the “Safety Videos” section. Here, real power tool safety experts will offer engaging and informative lessons on how to properly handle tools

While PTI is an excellent resource for wood workers, it isn’t the only site of its type. For example, “Incident Protection,” or IP, offers many of the same of services. However, they also help certify professional power tool safety professionals. Getting this certification could help you make a little extra cash in a field you love.

Other power tool safety websites include OSHA‘s section on power tool safety tips. Many of them are a little simple (such as “never carry a tool by the cord”), but others are less obvious.

With such a wide variety of websites operating online, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be well versed in power tool safety. Take advantage of them today and brush up on your knowledge.