Keep Your Wooden Furniture Looking Sellable With These Care Tips

Wooden luxurious comfortable chairs closeupIs your handmade wooden furniture getting worn out, stained, or sun-burnt before you have a chance to sell it? That unfortunate problem isn’t uncommon with this art, so you need to follow these wooden furniture care tips to ensure they stay in great shape for a long time:

  • Don’t clean your wooden furniture with harsh cleaners. These will strip its stain in an almost irreparable manner. Instead, use warm water and mild dish soap. That will help break away dirt and other nasty substances.
  • Keep your furniture out of the sun as much as possible. During the summer selling season, this will be more difficult, as you’re going to want to present them on your lawn. Put a simple tent over top of them: this not only protects them from the sun, but creates an eye-catching marker for potential buyers.
  • Store furniture in a dry and warm area during the summer. A heated garage or shed should be more than enough. Keep the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Try to keep the moisture in the air at 40-45 percent with either a humidifier or dehumidifier.
  • Don’t over stain or finish your furniture. One coat should be more than enough. Any more is both a waste of money and potentially damaging to the wood particles. And don’t believe the hype: you can’t “feed” wood with furnish. That’s just silly.

Following these tips should keep your furniture from wearing down and getting old before its time. It will also help increase your chance at a sale. It’s truly a win-win!