Reading this guys take on his over-abundance of tools, I started to reflect on my own situation. I’ve got such a lean arsenal of tools, that I really should maybe consider having some backups around. I tend to drag my tools between a couple locations, and it seems like the stuff I need, when I need it, is not where I am, which is an inconvenience. Need a drill? Oh, that’s over at my office. But then I’m at the office and need a hammer. Nuts, the hammer is at home in the garage.

I think if I had the problem of the guy I linked to, I would keep at least two of every tool. For one, it’s great to have a backup plan. You never know if one power tool might fail, so why not have a backup around so that you at least don’t have to hold up on your project at the moment?

More than two of each tool would be too much for me too. I’m not a big fan of clutter, usually when I have a bunch of extra of anything sitting around I just want to get rid of it to clear space. But you gotta at least have one or two good versions of every tool that proves to be useful.