Wood routerAre you tired of struggling to get your router to plunge to the right depth? Although this process is relatively easy, it does require some careful hand-eye coordination and measuring. However, it should be easy enough for amateurs to utilize and precise enough for professionals.

First of all, you need to start by carefully plunging your router as slowly as possible until the drill bit touches the wood on your worktable. It should just lightly touch the surface, without making any kind of mark. This will help you get a gauge for how deep your router will plunge.

Next, you need to lock it in place. This is important: it helps keep your router steady during the process. An unsteady router will NOT plunge well, no matter how steady you try to hold it with your hand. Remember: hands will shake and ruin your project. However, a mechanical lock will hold it in place more firmly.

When you’re finished, loosen your depth rod and carefully place a drill bit  the depth of your plunge between the stop turret and the rod. Make sure that it is carefully set and then tighten the rod to hold it in place.

Now, unlock the plunge and you’re done. This will set your plunge depth easily and without worrying about careful measuring and other types of mathematical confusion.

Now that you have a good idea on how to plunge your router, your boring projects should be easier to manage and more precise. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this method to get multiple bore depths.