sawdustDust will create an unsafe environment while an individual is working with wood. It will be left on the ground to provide unsafe walking conditions and create an unsafe air to breathe in. There are ways to limit the dust that flies through the work environment.

Fencing for a Cyclone Collector

In order to capture more dust, fashion a sleeve from a metal fencing. Make sure that it will fit like a trash can liner. It may be necessary to make is an inch in diameter smaller. Place a liner into the vacuum, place the metal liner on top of the liner; then when the vacuum is full, pull out the metal liner by shaking it gently from side to side. The debris that has been caught in the vacuum will fall into the liner. Take the liner out and tie it shut. The bag can be thrown away into a trash receptacle and a new liner can be placed into the vacuum.

Separate the Big Pieces

Although it may not be typical, a rake is great in the shop. Large pieces of debris will clog the vacuum when the shop is being cleaned. In order to stop the clogs, use the rake to sift through the pile. Sweep up the large pieces and through them away. Then the vacuum will be able to suck up the dust that has collected onto the floor. It will take more time unclogging a vacuum rather than sifting then vacuuming the pile.

Vacuum Sawdust as It’s Created

When you use a drill press, it creates dust. In order to cut down on the dust that flies through the air, fasten a hose close to the hole-saw. With a clamp, attach the hose close to the cutting and turn it on while the saw is being used. Make sure to lift the hole saw clear of the wood in between plunges. The vacuum will clear the sawdust from the teeth and will allow cutting holes faster.

Stop Manual Air Filtering

In order to have timed and periodic air filtering, purchase a 60 minute timer controlled outlet for your filtration system. Plug your air filtration system into the timer and leave it on. It is also great for when an individual is closing up shop. The air filtration system can run even after the person leaves the shop. They do not have to wait for the air to be filtered before they leave. Turn the 60 minute timer on and lock up. It will run for 60 minutes then automatically shut off.

Other Tips for Operating in a Dusty Work Shop

Work shops need a calculator, but dust collects on the buttons and in the screen. To keep the calculator clean and in working order, place the calculator in a clear sandwich baggy. To top the attachments of the vacuum wand from becoming stuck due to grit and dust, use WD-40. Spraying WD-40 to the pieces where they attach and moving them back and forth will provide lubricate so that they are able to release each other from the hold.