The DeWalt DW744X table saw is another great table saw for home or job site use from DeWalt. This table saw contains all the typical quality that you would expect in a DeWalt saw, and has some slick features that make it easy to use.

What makes this different from the last saw we took a look at, the DeWalt DW745 table saw? The most obvious difference is the larger size of the unit in general and the larger size of the cutting table and rip fence. With this saw you can rip boards up to 24.5 inches. That’s a pretty nice size number for those that like to be able to cut large sheets of plywood, for example.

This is a larger saw though, even though it’s sometimes pitched as a portable saw, and you should consider that this is typically going to take two people to lift and port the saw due to the larger table size. However, one big strong dude can probably handle this alone.

It’s 57 pounds, so keep that in consideration if you need ultra-portability. You may be in a situation where you work alone (and have to port your tools yourself), and in that case you may want to opt for lighter saw. If you need something smaller and more portable than this saw we suggest looking at the DeWalt DW745 table saw.

Keep reading to learn more, we have a lot more details to share.

Power & Motor

What type of power does this saw offer? The DeWalt DW744X table saw gives you a 15 amp high torque motor that has a 3,650 no-load rpm. Not too shabby at all. That will cut through pretty much any kind of wood or materials that you can fit on this saw, as long as your blades are sharp.

The motor also has a soft start feature that helps this saw start more smoothly and reduced the amount of jarring that hard start saws can experience. This type of feature helps to enhance the life of the saw and to make it run more smoothly for the operator.

Rack & Pinion Fence Rails

This saw utilizes the rack and pinion fence rails that can be found on many of the current DeWalt saws. This type of rail system is very smooth and accurate, adjustments can be made quickly.

Some claim that this might be the best fence design that can be found on table saws today, and we would have to mostly agree, it is pretty snappy.

Modular Guarding System

Safety is always a concern with table saws, right? We think so at least. DeWalt has managed to create a great balance between safety and ease of use by creating a modular safety guard system that can be adjusted without the need for tools. You can remove parts of the safety system with your hands only to allow for unique cutting situations, and then it’s easy to put the modular guards back on when done.

This is a nice middle ground for safety and efficiency, and doesn’t compromise safety at all.

On-Board Storage Features

This saw comes with a push stick and the modular guarding components that we mentioned earlier. One thing that we liked in particular about this saw (as a nice touch) is that these parts can be stored on-board, making it easy to access them when you need them.

This may seem trivial now, when you’re mainly probably thinking “how well is this saw going to cut?” – but it’s very handy if you are going to need to use these components or adjust them a lot.

Dust Collection Port

Let’s face it – cutting wood generates a lot of saw dust. Some times you may just happen to need to use this saw in a situation where you can’t make a huge mess. This table saw remedies that issue by making available a 2 inch dust collection port. The intended use for this port is to hook it up to a shop vac or other similar device to automatically collect the dust before it’s flying all over at the work site.

Once again, when the situation calls, this is a very nice feature to have – even though it may seem trivial to many.

Cutting Dadoes With This Saw

Yes, this saw can cut dadoes. And it can do it quite well considering the stable design and the power available from the 15 amp motor. You’ll need to buy a dado insert for the table saw, the DeWalt DW7444 dado throat plate. This plate is pictured here.

In addition to this plate, you are going to need to get an an 8″ stack dado blade set. Many different dado sets will work fine, just remember to read the note that is coming up shortly.

Also, we have a list of top 8″ stack dado blade sets. The sets listed on this page are all top rated sets and all will fit on this table saw.

Read our list: Top 8″ Stack Dado Blade Sets

An Important Dado Installation Note

This saw, as with many similar saws from other brands, has a quirk regarding installing dado blades that is not mentioned in the manual. When installing a dado stack, you are supposed to not use an outer arbor washer, an instead install the outer washer as the inner washer. Just keep this in mind when installing the dado stack and you’ll see that this trick is important to making the dado set fit within the plate opening.

A Really Nice Saw at a Good Price

Overall, the combination of features and high quality build make this a great saw for the money. It’s not a terribly expensive saw, even when compared to similar models from competing brands.

Where Can You Buy This Saw?

This saw can be purchased from Amazon, we recommend that you check pricing there first since they have very competitive pricing and more user reviews.

What Others Are Saying

Here are some more comments from other owners of this saw.

  • “The ability to rip up to 24.5 inches has already come in handy in the first week of using it.”
  • “I bought a 744 after trying out the 745 and decided I would like the larger fence.”
  • “Great portable saw, easy to tilt, raise and lower blade. I use it on the job site and in my shop at home.”

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