Every woodworker needs a good standard drill right? I think about the power tools that I reach for the most when working in the shop, and other than saws, drills are probably the most commonly used. The DeWalt DC720KA, an 18v cordless drill is a good example of a drill that will prove to be a good performer in your tool collection, and it can carry the bulk of the drilling workload if needed.

DeWalt DC720KA 18v Cordless Drill

Read on to learn about the details of this fine drill.

Cordless By Design

Cordless drills are perfect for people that need maximum maneuverability and range from their tools. The battery technology is good enough these days that you don’t have to worry about batteries coming up short.

One Hour Battery Charging

The 18 volt Ni-cad batteries that power this drill can be charged in just one hour. The charger plugs into a standard wall outlet and the battery simply slides into the top of the charger. The initial charge when you first use the drill will take about and hour.

Automatic Tune-Up Mode During Charging

The charger and batteries use a technology that allows them to equalize and “tune up” the battery cells over time as you rack up charge cycles on the battery. Every few weeks or every 10 charges, it is recommended to use the Automatic Tune-Up mode to optimize the batteries and to keep the battery packs operating at optimal levels.

Light Weight and Ergonomics

This tool is designed to feel natural in your hand and to be able to fit into tight spots for tricky drilling situations. The grip is positioned right in the middle of this tool, giving it a very balanced feel. This will help keep your arms from wearing out during prolonged usage.

DeWalt DC720KA 18v Cordless Drill

How much does this drill weight? Just 4.8 pounds, that’s not bad at all.

The Variable Speed Trigger and Torque Settings

Once you are holding the drill in your hand, you simply pull the variable speed trigger to turn it on and release to turn it off.

There is a torque adjustment collar in front of the trigger, which allows you to choose between various torque settings to dial it in accurately for each job.

Forward/Reverse Control

The switch to go between forward and reverse is located right above the trigger. In the middle position, the drill is locked. When toggled left or right, the drill is put into forward or reverse. It’s easy to toggle with one hand.

LED Light For Better Visibility

This is a common feature on many different drills now, but it is also a very handy feature to have. Many time people who have not had a drill with an LED light integrated don’t really realize how handy it can be. Most drilling situations have a tendency to be low light situations, so having a light pointing at what you are drilling can be a life saver.

A Powerful Motor

We mentioned that there is a torque adjustment collar, but what about the power capabilities of this drill?

The two speed settings will achieve 0 to 500 rpms or 0 to 1.700 rpms. The unit operates at 410 watts, and the 18v batteries deliver plenty of power. You won’t have any problem drilling through wood or even various metals with this drill.

The Dual Range Gears

This drill has a gear selector that allows you to choose between a low speed, high torque setting or a high speed, low torque setting. This switch is located at the top of the drill and allows you to select the right type of power/speed setting for you drilling job.

Keyless Ratcheting Chuck

It’s easy to change bits with this drill. Simply hand-tighten or hand-loosen the chuck and insert or remove bits as needed. You don’t have to worry about keeping a key on hand to tighten up the chuck on this drill.

What All Do You Get?

When you order this kit, you will receive the following:

  • The drill
  • A charger
  • Two 18v batteries
  • A hard plastic case

What Type of Warranty Do You Get?

DeWalt offers a three year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. You also get 1 year of free service, a 90 day money back guarantee, and a 2 year battery service agreement. DeWalt covers its customers pretty well.

Where Can You Buy This Drill?

We recommend that you check pricing at Amazon. Last time we looked they had free shipping. They also tend to always have the best price, if not at least a very competitive price.

What Are Others Saying?

Check out some comments made by others who have bought this drill:

  • “Another great addition to my collection of Dewalt tools.”
  • “This is one of Dewalt’s best 18v drills for the price. Great power. Fast Charge. Compact size.”
  • “Good product. Have had several DEWALT drills and liked them all.”

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