grinding tool on floorPower tools help make all your amateur building projects a lot easier. However, you may be running into a lot of broken down tools that are refusing to run. Often this problem is caused by poorly cleaned or dirty tools.

Taking proper care of your power tools by cleaning them regularly is a relatively easy process. This may seem obvious, but too many amateur carpenters simply throw their tools in a pile when they’re done.

Neglected, dirty power tools often end up running poorly, as dirt and dust works their way into the mechanics.

Follow this simple power tool cleaning process to keep them running properly:

  • Wipe down every surface of the tool with a rag to remove dust, dirt, and sawdust.
  • Really focus on the blades and sharp edges of the material to keep them clean of debris.
  • Open up your battery compartment and empty dirty and saw dust. Use compressed air to work it out of the electronics.
  • Lubricate all moving areas at least once a week.
  • Remove worn or old parts, as these parts can create a “chain reaction” of part wear.
  • Scrub stains off blades with an appropriate blade cleaner.
  • Use a file to work chunks of wood or building materials out of the teeth of the tool.
  • File each tooth to keep it sharp and to break away stains and dirt.

Following these steps practically guarantees that your tools will last long and work hard. Do you know any other power tool cleaning tips that might be useful? Contact us today and let us know!