Circular Saw Reviews

A good circular saw is a standard workhorse tool for many people. They are portable and easy to carry around, so they tend to take the bulk of the cutting work when one is available to use.

Picking out a new circular saw can be a challenge, since there are a wide range of features and prices when you start to compare the different models.

Check out our reviews to see how these popular and quality circular saws compare to each other. Any of these would make a fine saw for most people, but you need to know the key differences before you pick one for your own use, as your situation may require certain features.

The DeWalt and the Makita are the more high-end options that we cover, but these will all make great circular saws for anybody that needs one.

Some stuff to look out for when checking out each model:

  • Some have laser guide options, this can be really handy.
  • The Bosch CS5 has the blade on the left side, for those that need that sort of configuration.
  • Some can tilt more easily than others, some don’t tilt at all
  • They all use 7 1/4 inch blades