Bosch TS1003 Left Side Support Extension for Table Saw: A Closer Look

This is the perfect way to extend a Bosch 4100 table saw or the Bosch 4100-09 table saw, this could quite possibly one of the most useful accessories available.

The Bosch TS1003 Support Extension is a great way to extend the platform of the table saw to better accommodate larger boards and other wider or longer materials.

This side support extension adds 12 inches to the width of the cutting table for a total of 52 inches, and is made of aluminum. It has a very solid feel. It installs quickly and also can retract when not in use to keep out of the way.

This is the easiest way to extend the cutting table of the Bosch 4100 table saw, so don’t bother with trying to use saw horses or other awkward supports. Get the Bosch TS1003 Table Saw Left Side Support Extension, it’s a pretty affordable upgrade and very useful.

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