I found this story to be pretty inspiring. What a great way to resurrect a beloved tree that just couldn’t stay standing anymore.

After rotting away and eventually getting cut for safety issues, students at Mackay Elementary School witnessed the rebirth of their beloved 350-year-old white ash tree May 14.

One of the pieces of art created from the 350-year-old white ash is this bowl that Greg Jensen, Cleveland, Ohio, created.

Up and down the hallways and in the gymnasium and library lay remnants of the 70-foot tree that brought shade and comfort to the residents of Tenafly and the students at Mackay for centuries since the American Revolutionary War.

Hosted by The Children’s Tree & Art Foundation, 17 renown woodworking artists across the nation participated in a collaborated project to bring back history for the students, showcasing their art pieces from chunks and pieces of the torn down tree.

“It’s completely different than what we’re used to but it’s sort of refreshing,” commented woodworker Jacques Vesery about the exhibit’s unique location. “It’s really for the appreciation of the kids and their appreciation for this living thing. It’s historical, really.”

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