reclaimed vintage woodThe Meaning of Reclaimed

Any kind of lumber is “reclaimed” when it’s taken from its original purpose and processed for another use. Most reclaimed lumber comes from timbers that were once old barns, warehouses, and other cabin-like structures. This wood is aged, meaning that it’s main use is for interior decoration such as furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. Like all wood, there are upsides and downsides about using reclaimed pieces. Factors like price, the number of toxins, and pests are all things that you should consider when you are making decisions for your home.


Unfortunately, because reclaimed wood is popular, it is easier for some dealers to be illegitimate about the source of their product. Usually, the price of the wood is more expensive than virgin wood, so make sure you learn about the history of the wood so you are confident that it is cost-effective and environment-friendly. Also, make sure the company properly process the wood; if done correctly you may find hidden dangers like organic matter lurking inside. Many pests are also attracted to wood, so before you buy any reclaimed wood, double-check for infestation.


One of the great benefits of reclaimed wood, would definitely be its versatility. This wood can literally be the furnishings of your dreams! Because it originates from old-growth trees, it is of high quality and extremely sturdy, which is important for all of its use in your project. Reclaimed wood has a unique look that is perfect for the aesthetics of your project, and if you research its history there’s always a great story that comes along with it. When you buy the wood, make sure it’s certified with the Forest Stewardship Council so you can receive LEED points, too!

Incorporate this information along with your other research in finding the wood that is perfect for your next home project. And if you need some more information on wood that fits every purpose, contact us.