Add Muscle to Your Tool Collection with a Cordless Impact Driver

Dewalt Impact DriverAs we plunge headfirst into fall, the weather is mild, the autumn breezes are glorious, general humidity levels are low across much of the country, which means that NOW is the perfect time to start working on you next big outdoor project.

Before you begin your next woodworking endeavor, let’s give proper consideration to the tools you currently have in your collection. Perhaps you find that some of your tools, having served a long and useful life, are ready to be replaced. Perhaps, as your woodworking skills have developed, you are simply ready to upgrade to more professional woodworking instruments. Many times home improvement stores are looking to move their stock quickly before the holiday season arrives, and oftentimes tools and woodworking supplies can be found at bargain prices.

In fact, now may be the time to add a little muscle to your tool collection. If you’ve never considered how a cordless impact driver can, well, impact your life, read on!

If you are new to woodworking, you may, like many novices, incorrectly assume that a cordless impact driver is the same tool as a cordless drill. While they are definitely in the same family, they function in different ways, and should be used for different purposes. The drill bit moves in a circular motion, and force from another source, either gravity or your forearm and shoulder, pushes the fastener into the wood. The impact driver combines circular motion with quick concussive blows to drive the fastener into the wood, which means less effort on your part.

Think of it this way: if these two tools were vehicles, a cordless drill is like a battery-operated golf cart, and an impact driver is like a 2015 Charger with its V-8 707 horsepower engine.  While a cordless drill may be perfect for quick tasks, for big projects that require large fasteners, the latter will help your project come together with greater speed, and require less effort on your part.

Whether you’re building a fence this fall, putting together a wooden play set, or constructing a picnic table, a cordless impact driver may be a real asset and worthy investment to your tool collection.