A Look at the the Bosch CS5 Circular Saw

Bosch CS5 120-Volt Circular SawSorting through all the available circular saws on the market can be a confusing task for amateur woodworkers. In this power tool review, we’ll take a look at the Bosch CS5 and help you decide if it’s the right saw for your needs.


One of the nicest aspects of the Bosch CS5 is its relatively low-cost: some online market places are offering it for under $150. Considering that similar saws can cost as much as $250, this is practically a steal.

Size and Power

The Bosch CS5 is a little bulkier than most circular saws: it weighs a hefty 16 pounds, which is about six pounds heavier than average. This may be a turnoff for some users, but that size comes with an advantage: 15 amps of power. It also has an incredible 6,200 RPM rate, making it one of the fastest saws on the market.

Bevel Capacity and Cutting Depth

When it comes to bevel capacity and cutting depth, the Bosch CS5 is respectable, but not an industry leader. It’s bevel capacity is about 56 degrees while its cutting depth is about 2 7/16″ at a 90 degree setting. Cutting depth decreases to 1 3/4 inch at 45 degrees.

Ambidextrous Design

Left-handed woodworkers are often left out in the cold by power tool designers. However, the Bosch CS5 is an ambidextrous saw, in that it has a left blade design that makes it easier for right-handed and left-handed cutters to watch their cut.

The Bosch CS5 may not be the absolutely most powerful saw on the market, but its low-price, ambidextrous design and relatively low-cost make it the perfect investment for beginning and even advanced woodworkers looking to save a little cash on their next power tool investment.

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