The greatest thing about woodworking is that any person at any level of knowledge can get involved, learn the skills, and produce unique items in which they can be proud of.

So while we often produce content that is geared towards our veteran woodworkers — articles about advanced skills and tools — we shouldn’t forget about our learners and intermediates, which is what we’ll cover here.

Here are five basic woodworking tips to help you get started and improve on what you already know.

  1. Measuring tapes are handy and useful. We recommend, however, that you don’t worry greatly about using them with all of your projects. Instead, as some experts advise, use story sticks or previous cuts as a means of measuring.
  2. Learn to drill holes like a pro. Professionals know all the drilling techniques because of experience and time spent working with wood. Learn what they know and be the best woodworker possible.
  3. Take care of your tools and sharpen your blades. Consummate use mean that you should provide consummate care for your tools. If you fail to provide the care that they need, they will eventually fail you by breaking.
  4. Learn the basics of every area, and focus on what you like to learn that week (or month). Spreading yourself thin will pollute your brain with too much information, so take in as much on one topic as possible at a time.
  5. Don’t forget that woodworking is a hobby. If it stresses you out, it’s time to reassess what you feel constitutes a hobby. So, use it for what is intended for: to decompress, relax, and explore your skills when working with wood.

We hope that you found these tips useful. Good luck with all of your future woodworking projects and skill development.